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Before developing Source Out Code (SOC), we were operating digital marketing firm for 10 years in San Diego, California called One Click Marketing. One Click Marketing served over 100 satisfied businesses and is still fully operating at a high level as of today. One Click Marketing is ranked a Top 10 digital marketing agency in the United States by UpCity. Although our experience as a digital marketing agency lead us to come to one simple conclusion, there are hardly any qualified outsourcing agencies to white label for our overflow of web development.

We tried outsourcing to India and Asia multiple times. It always lead to the same outcome, poor communication and sub-par work. Therefore, we got together and discussed that there is an opportunity to have a reliable outsourcing agency, but we just needed to find that high quality talent at a reasonable cost. So we went scavenging many parts of the world and it was obvious that Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom was where we had to set up our office. So one of One Click Marketing’s business owners moved to Europe, got an office, developed all the resources, streamlined the communication and started hiring the most talented programmers in the area.

The opportunity in those areas was gleaming with potential! As an outsourcing agency, it was incredibly beneficial to us because you could overpay the salaries of our staff and still have a solid bottom line as a business. The reason this is important is because we are able to charge affordable prices without discounting the quality of the work. Plus, everyone speaks perfect English and they are some of the most talented programmers in all coding languages that we have ever come across. Eastern European educational systems have a particular strength in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and they are all taught how to code in multiple different types of coding languages.

We are not the only ones that have realized this. Google, Facebook, Yahoo and many other technology juggernauts have also set up corporate offices in Eastern Europe to be able to take advantage of their talent, work ethic and skill sets.

Another massive benefit to having an office in Europe and the United States is the ability to work on a 24/7 schedule with all our clients and digital agencies we partner with. Most medium to large marketing agencies outsource or white label work out to strategic partners to better assist their workflow because it helps their bottom line, liability, taxes, insurance and many other beneficial reasons.

The number one problem that Source Out Code solves is reliable, transparent and consistent quality work.