Web App Development For the Rest of Us

It’s 2018, let’s bring that native app to the web and join the crowd. Using the latest technologies we can build a scalable and bug free experience you will love.

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Web programming has progressed to the point in the last decade that it can now rival the native application in user experience and engagement. We at SOC utilize these technologies to build seriously awesome applications for our partners.

Caffeinated Scalability


It seems everyone you know including your next door neighbor is launching a SaaS startup. The latter 2010’s may indeed be the age of SaaS! No doubt many startups and visionaries love SaaS for it’s rapid scaling advantages, limited need for staff, and shorter implementation time.

We’ve been in the trenches with startups or in the meeting minutes with corporate board. From the initial strategy to the deployment use our team’s vast experience for the entire journey to market.

Have a team but need extra manpower? Our service will fit seamlessly into your existing development.

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Hyper-Efficient & ROI Engineered

Business Apps

As the world becomes more data-centric it’s become necessary to build custom applications for many large companies. Streamlining internal processes through document management and collaboration tools while tracking key-performance indicators is the name of the game here.

With our white-label custom app development you can offload the heavy lifting to our programming team and focus on managing your clients.

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Connecting the Unconnected


Is your team having difficulty with an API call? We’ve seen our fair share of tricky & sometimes downright frustrating API implementations. With more software than ever offering API’s it’s become an essential part of operating software for many firms. Whether it’s utilizing the popular REST or SOAP protocols or a custom API solution, you can rest assured your white-label partners at SOC will get the job done.

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Easy & Secure


Whether your clients are using Magento, Shopify, Big-Commerce or using a custom solution the SOC team has seen it all. That Magento store setup that has half its functions breaking? Or that client with a shopping cart running on broken .asp from the 2000’s? Yeah we’ve got an app for that.

We help your team build an awesome and reliable ecommerce experience. Whether your clients prefer a managed solution or a full-blow custom solution SOC has you covered.

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