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Our web developers on average have 7 years of prior work experience. No juniors here…

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Gordon Atkinson

Project Manager

Gordon Atkinson holds a Master degree in Information technology and is our PHP back-end developer. Over the past years, he has worked on multiple projects that included the development of feature-rich web applications and custom software, per client’s requests. Whether it’s a one-man task or a team project, he’s always up for a challenge, delivering the best results within given deadlines. Other than back-end development, he specializes in front-end web development and mobile and desktop app quality control and testing. His passion for programming and problem solving are balanced by his creative personality and love for audio/video production.

Colin Moran

Project Manager

Colin Moran is a multidisciplinary designer, photographer and pixel perfectionist. He holds a BA in Software Engineering. He is experienced in designing logos, websites and apps, banners, book covers, brochures, and everything in between. He has the creative edge and coding know-how to develop complex custom designs. He has been a freelance and corporate designer, frontend developer, and photographer for almost 10 years now. He aims never to stop expanding his skills, so he can help clients create a unique online visual identity with highest-quality, attention-grabbing visual web content. Runs on tea and/or coffee.

Robert Miles

Robert Miles is a full-stack Web Developer and Software Developer. He majored in Information Technology, with his primary focus during studies being Web Development. When he’s not writing smooth lines of code, he is studying human computer interface and the psychology of human computer interaction. He is an extremely driven programmer who’s constantly experimenting with new technologies, always working on perfecting his skills.

Nicholas Rowe

Nicholas Rowe is a back-end web developer specializing in PHP and Ruby on Rails programming languages. Despite doing mostly back-end programming, he’s equally adept at front-end technologies. He’s an invaluable asset to Source Out Code for his ability to deliver high-quality code on time, while always accounting for application performance and security. He’s had experience with developing different websites, from small presentations to full-scale enterprise-level sites, and he acquired the know-how to seamlessly adapt to constant shifts in web dev trends.

Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett holds a degree in Computer Technology and is our front-end developer. He’s extremely passionate about web development and gets his kicks from delivering best-in-class front-end code across a broad array of interactive web and mobile platforms. When he’s not developing amazing pixel perfect sites, he likes to experiment with different back-end solutions. He’s had hands-on experience with all kinds of website solutions, and he’s fully equipped to take on any web dev project, no matter how large or complex.

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