On Time, On-Budget, & On Point Communication

You’ve built an awesome client base - Let us help fulfill it.

The Recent Past:

You’ve hired an outsourced or white-label web development team in the past to help deliver on your awesome ecommerce or web development projects. The sales pitch was great, the developers confident they can get it done on time, the 5x ROI gleamed with promise for your marketing budget only to:

  • Fall short of the deadline making your clients question your company
  • Run into “unexpected obstacles” during development. “We didn’t know this payment system needed to be connected, it’s going to take another two weeks.”
  • Not develop the software or website to the specifications that you had in mind
  • The final product in actuality requires several stages of revisions that put you over-budget from the initial plan.
  • The outsourced team just plain doesn’t understand your concept or your brand.

The near future:

  • Your hire a team with no cultural barriers (We are a European white label web development team owned and managed by Americans, hint: one of the co-owners lives and works with the European team!)
  • You don’t settle for companies promising the sun and stars for twenty dollars an hour but go for the golden mean (the middle road is the best road according to our friend Aristotle)
  • A clear plan is structured with all development factors taken into consideration, the deadline is met and you look like a hero to your clients for another project well done! Our white label web development team are the superheros you need!

Some of our recent projects:

So what projects can we SOC for your team?

We’ve assembled a white label web development agency that brings together the best from the EU zone. While we don’t have specific limitations here’s our primary focus:

our programming stack:

When your project must be:

  • done on time
  • done to specification
  • done on budget

you need SOC!